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Government Affairs Support

For 25 years, I have been working in the Federal policy and regulatory arena with the U.S. Congress and Federal Agencies.  I understand what information Members of Congress, Congressional Staff and Federal Agencies require -- and how those seeking to influence or educate these entities should best approach and communicate with them.

I offer clients extensive legislative, advocacy and consultancy experience.  As a consultant and writer, I specialize in crafting clear, concise and compelling information that supports and furthers an organization’s communication with the Federal Government as well with their members or other audiences. 

My government affairs and advocacy work has included:

*  Helping national coalitions/individual facilities acquire federally appropriated funds
*  Securing sponsorship of legislation and specific legislative provisions 
*  Preparing materials to communicate with Federal legislative and executive offices
*  Providing policy background and analysis to guide coalitions/entities
*  Preparing advocacy materials and organizing Congressional meetings
*  Preparing “toolkits” to share ideas/implementation strategies between advocates 
*  Analyzing comments regarding Federal agency promulgation of rules                        *  Preparing recommendations regarding implementation of laws
*  Preparing summaries of policy positions from association/coalition meetings
*  Drafting consensus of technical experts/stakeholders  

My areas of health care policy expertise are Medicare, rural health, the assessment and improvement of quality of care, long-term care and home health -- and the broad topics of health care access, delivery and outcomes.